Watch what you buy!!!

So, I have found many products on the market just like mine. The 500 mg Tincture to be specific, selling for anywhere from $75.00 – $200.00 for a 30 ml bottle; I sell mine for $45.00. I got to thinking about this and wondered what made theirs so different that they charged so much more money? So, I did some shopping around, and guess what? There is NO difference!!! The companies charging the outrageous prices for the tincture could actually be getting their CBD from the same manufacturer that I am. WHAT?!?!?! I KNOW!!!!

I just want you all to beware!! Look at what you are buying, ask why it costs so much, what makes it better, ask questions!!! I don’t feel that my CBD is any better than any other product on the market, but I believe my campaign is, peace and love through feeling better. I am not out to ‘rape’ the consumer, I just want to make my money back and a small profit is always good. Please, if someone is charging over $50.00 for 500 mg of CBD Tincture, ask them why!!!! I cannot stress that enough!!!

Humanity is my race and love is my religion!!